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Welcome to Susan Osher Nutrition Counselling

I understand the challenges individuals and families face during the healing process from eating disorders and disordered eating – whether it’s poor body image, anorexia, binge eating, bulimia or mindless eating. In my practice, I work collaboratively with my clients to connect to the internal sense of trust, nourishment and self-care.

For so many people, the intuitive connection between our bodies and food is severed or changed through feeding practices, teasing or struggling with low self esteem, depression or anxiety. Because I have a passion for continued learning, I have built on my university foundation of nutrition, psychology and psychiatry, by continuing to get training in CBT, DBT, mindful eating, intuitive eating, affect regulation and FBT and Maudsley. I integrate different modalities in my nutrition counseling of children, teens and adults. I also work collaboratively with therapists and physician to provide a multidisciplinary approach.

While I have been treating individuals with eating disorders in the Greater Toronto Area for many years, I also offer a wide variety of services to meet the many needs of clients in my practice. I work with my clients to develop their own ‘food identity’. If that includes vegetarianism, veganism, gut problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), food intolerances or allergies, sport nutrition, or even shift work, a suitable easy-to-follow eating and lifestyle plan is possible.

Meet Susan

I have always been interested in nutrition and the complex relationship many people have with food. My philosophy is to guide people to connect to their bodies. In a weight-obsessed world, information overload and negative experiences makes it increasingly difficult to trust our bodies, and eat intuitively. As early as infancy, parents seek to protect their children from obesity given the North American epidemic that flood the media. We know that dieting is unsustainable and dangerous. By integrating nutrition expertise and my clients’ needs, I help my clients create their own individual ‘food identity’ and related eating plan.

Whatever the motivation: poor body image, eating disorder, disordered eating, health concern or optimizing nutrition for lifestyle, my goal is to help clients master their own eating through listening from within rather than establishing an external set of rules.

In South Africa, I graduated with a post-graduate nutrition degree specializing in human metabolism, sport nutrition and psychology. After moving to Canada, I completed my Master of Nutritional Science in the area of psychiatry from the University of Toronto.

Susan Osher Msc, RD CEDRD

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I have worked with Susan for well over a decade, both collaboratively within a hospital based inter-disciplinary team and referring patients to her private practice. I have always found her to be an extremely knowledgeable, honest, and compassionate clinician.
Dr. Sheri Turrell, C. Psych, Registered Psychologist
“Susan- thank you for all your help. You see to be the only person in the city who understands and cares what is happening with her. Heartfelt thanks”.
Amy C, Teen's Mom
“Susan Osher is a skilled dietician with years of experience. She is knowledgeable, collaborative and supportive. She communicates to young people and families in a way that is easy to understand. Susan is an excellent dietitian…someone that I highly recommend!”
Dr. Debra Katzman, Professor of Pediatrics