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I’m not Healthy Enough for Canada’s Food Guide: An ED RD’s View

Lucky me! I got randomly selected for extra security checking by the airline last week while en route to an eating disorders conference. After being thoroughly body checked, my carry-on bags were combed through. I watched my makeup brushes being dusted off, my computer wiped down and, finally, my food for the long flight [...]

Eating Disorders are NOT a Choice # EDAW 2017

Michale Cerswell flowed into my office weekly: startling perfume, jangling bracelets, long blond hair, bohemian scarves...  Her food logs were detailed and neat: so long and yet so devoid of calories and nutrients to feed her body.  I felt her pain and guilt of writing every word of every food on each page.  It was [...]

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Is that run healthy?

When I agreed to join my community to run a charity half-marathon in Miami last winter, I was wary of several things. The actual training: how was I going to find the time, motivation and energy to train during the winter? I am very aware that running is very hard on the body. I care [...]

Eating Disorders in Jewish Women

I had the privilege of going to an eating disorders conference at the Renfrew Centre in Philadelphia earlier this year. It was called ‘Feasting, Fasting and eating disorders in Jewish Women”. The presenters highlighted how much of Jewish culture, tradition and religion expresses itself through food – either eating or abstinence. For instance, there are [...]

Is Anorexia a Habit?

"Why did you eat that? You better go for a jog and eat less for the rest of the day! There’s still time to compensate.  Let’s total everything you’ve eaten today….”   I know cognitively that I would be calmer without the constant chatter in my head. I would be more productive: connected without the distraction. [...]

Does Sleep have Anything to do with Weight and Well-Being?

We live in a society that doesn't value rest.  Too much sleep and downtime is considered lazy.  Or the other extreme… people sacrifice sleep to exercise or work.  When making the choice of opting for less sleep, it's important to consider the impacts of sleep on weight and well-being.  Whether it's your children's schedules or your own, [...]

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Who Says Coffee is a Bad Habit? Why you Needn’t Shun your Morning Latte

Every morning, as part of my morning routine, I am drawn like a magnet to my DeLonghi, latte maker. I warm my favourite mug, measure out my dark roasted espresso beans and carefully pour milk into the appropriate dispenser. How did this ritual become my daily habit?   My latte started in my late teens [...]

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“Your Shoes Stink…” Protecting our Children’s Self-Esteem

“Mommy, a girl told me that my shoes stink.” I heard this statement from my six-year-old daughter this morning. The shoes she was referring to were her new Timberland boots that she begged for, even offered to pay for them with her savings. We had spent part of our ‘staycation’ buying shoes. She strutted out [...]

New Year’s Resolutions… Ahimsa

It’s a month after New Year’s.  Did you make any resolutions?  Who were the ‘characters’ in the backdrop of your resolutions?  A whip? A whistle? A wagging finger?  Sadly, most resolutions are broken by Valentine’s Day.  It’s not surprising. The symbolic significance of New Year is incredibly positive and life-affirming – a time to reflect [...]

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