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Talks, Workshops, Consultations and Media

Connected Eating, the education, media and consultation division of my work gives me the opportunity to share my passion for nourishing our bodies to a larger audience. Whether it’s nutrition consultation to day cares and schools or addiction centers such as Bellwood Health Services, Center for Addiction and Mental Health or Ingles LOFT community services, education of staff and residents helps improve outcomes.

Here are some of my recent and upcoming engagements:


Dietitians of Canada

February 12

Regional Eating Disorders training (Southern Ontario) for RDs


Sheena’s Place (Support for Eating Disorders)

Facilitators’ training

New Trends in Eating Disorders and the DSM V’

October 3, 2017

Tonic Magazine

(US online publication, channel of Vice Media)

Binge Eating often goes hand-in-hand with ADD’

Dietitians of Canada National Conference

St. John’s NF

June 7-10th

New developments in DSM-5 classifications of EDs”

“The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition (DSM-5) features a number of changes in the category of feeding and eating disorders. This session outlines major changes with regard to well-known eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorders. ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) is a newly identified eating disorder characterized by extreme picky eating and recognized as potentially life-threatening. Other newly identified disorders such as orthorexia (when healthy eating becomes an obsession) and exercise addiction will also be discussed. The session will equip you to identify these disorders and understand the role of the dietitian in their treatment.”

Sheena’s Place (Support for Eating Disorders)

Nourishing Ourselves Monthly Workshop Series (January 9th, February 13th, March 13th)

Nutrition and Body Image Lecture Series

Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto (CHAT)

February 2017, grade 9

Beit Yaakov High School, grade 11

January 2017

Winter 2017

Essay entitled Risk taking by therapists in a therapeutic context

for Renfrew Center quarterly professional magazine Perspectives (readership over 30,000 eating disorders professionals)


Havergal College Parent Association

Donalda Club

Annual Parent Luncheon guest speaker

Creating a Healthy Body Image: Tools to Help Girls Love and Nurture Their Bodies in a Weight-Obsessed World

November 25th

Ongoing small group workshops – “Raising Children with a Healthy Relationship to Food”

Raising Children with a Healthy Relationship to Food

Research shows that 50% of children under 12 are dissatisfied with their bodies. Poor body image affects self-esteem, eating habits and academic performance.

The Connected Eating Program helps parents feed their children in a weight obsessed world


Empowers children to eat well from a place of self-love, nutrition knowledge and intuition.

WHO: Parents and children aged 6-12

WHAT: Two 90 minute seminars facilitated by Susan

WHERE: Homes, schools or suitable community venues

WHEN: Scheduled to suit the group

Workshop One:  Teaching parents to raise children who love who they are
• Create a body-positive family culture
• Ensure your child is getting the right nutrients
• Inspire your child to have a healthy lifestyle without doing harm
• Help children deal with negative emotions

Workshop Two:  Teaching children to listen, respect and nurture their bodies
• Skills to plan and prepare wholesome meals and snacks.
• Ability to eat intuitively by responding to hunger and fullness.
• Learn to eat indulgent foods in moderation and without guilt.
• Learn to recognize non-hunger eating and develop other strategies.

Please contact me at for details of the upcoming workshop.

Please see the new Connected Eating Website at: